Monterubbiano, at the heart of the mysterious Piceni land, set on the highest hill, appears, from a distance like an eagle’s nest. It is surrounded by woods and walls, silent and majestic over the two valleys that accompany the rivers from the mountains to the sea. It is shaped like a horseshoe, from one side the cemetery and from the other the park, centre and theatre, opposite which is The San Francesco auditorium with the group of museums and cloisters. A few steps away, in the square, the Town Hall, and then a succession of old and very old churches.

Beyond the walls…

The hills seem to chase each other without end, their profiles meet and melt in a play of nuances; their very feminine shapes reawaken ancestral memories…The mist envelopes the landscape, in a play of light and shade, the colours blend into each other and loose themselves. The brown of the trees becomes green down in the farm fields, and the green becomes grey in the distant hills. The villages, unique expression of man, merge with the hills, higher and higher in the West, their colours less definite. The eyes get lost in the mist light, and from the hills appear, silent and powerful, lit by the sun, the snow covered peaks of the mountains…

The Marche, where the mountains and the sea are close at hand. In the middle, the gentle profiles of the hills crowned by castles, churches, small and big theatres, villages that preserve signs of an ancient civilization. Land rich in flavours, nature, history and culture.

A fascinating land for people who love slow tourism, poetic and inquisitive, that the love for the bicycle gives us. The leaflet “The Piceno by bicycle”, guides the cyclist for 30 itineraries, with places and legends for walking, training and discovery.

For all the others…


Towns and villages of the Aso valley

Monterubbiano – Rocca Montevarmine – Montalto – Montedinove – Santa Vittoria – Montelparo – Monterinaldo – Ortezzano – Monte Vidon Combatte – Petritoli – Monterubbiano

km 73


The Sibillini, the blue mountains

da Foce per il lago di Pilato – da Montemonaco alla grotta della Sibilla – da Montefortino alla Gola dell’Infernaccio.

km 100


Along the route of the Abbeys

Monterubbiano – Abbazia S. Maria a Piè di Chienti – Abbazia di S. Claudio – Abbazia di S. Maria a Chiaravalle di Fiastra – Urbisaglia – San Ginesio – Sarnano – Amandola – Abbazia di San Ruffino – Monterubbiano

km 168


Cities of Art, Castles and holy places in the High Macerata area

Monterubbiano – Treia – Tolentino – San Severino – Caldarola – San Ginesio – Falerone – Servigliano Monterubbiano

km 204

San Ginesio

A voyage among flowers and truffles

Monterubbiano -Comunanza – Montegallo – Piana di Castelluccio – Ascoli Piceno – Monterubbiano

km 198


From the hills to the sea: Fermo and surrounding villages

Monterubbiano – Fermo – Torre di Palme – Lapedona – Altidona – Pedaso – Moresco – Monterubbiano

km 53


From the castles on the sea to the city of Towers: Ascoli Piceno

Monterubbiano -Cupramarittima – Grottammare – Acquaviva Picena – Ascoli Piceno – Offida – Ripatransone – Monterubbiano

km 139


Towns and villages in the Sibillini National Park

Monterubbiano – Montefalcone – Smerillo – Comunanza .- Montefortino – Montemonaco – Montegallo – Monterubbiano

km 138


From the places of the soul to the mount by the sea: The Conero

Monterubbiano – Loreto (Basilica) – Recanati (Palazzo Leopardi) – Numana – Sirolo – Portonovo – Monterubbiano

km 169


To the discovery of wine, among cellars, villages and vineyards

Monterubbiano – Montefiore – Ripatransone – Cossignano – Offida, – Acquaviva Picena – Monterubbiano

km 169